You know its a scam, when the owners create their own fake reviews. All the reviews on this site appear to be created by the same writer.  They even have one person who reviewed The Relationship Co in West Springfield, MA, Providence, RI, and Farmington, CT.

Question: How could one member review their dating services in 3 different states?

Answer:  This is a Scam

According to an article dated 3/15/2015 Kenneth Pogue entered into a 1999 Assurance of Voluntary Compliance between the Attorney General and Singles Plus Relationship Company, Inc.

The complaint also names Kenneth Pogue, president and founder of the company, and Heather Olson, the manager of the company’s Jacksonville office, as defendants. The complaint alleges that Singles Plus violated a 1999 Assurance of Voluntary Compliance between the Attorney General and Singles Plus Relationship Company, Inc., a defunct company previously operated by Pogue. Other defendants named in the complaint include two companies operated by Pogue and Olson, The Relationship Company and Jacksonville Singles Search, Inc.

Full Article here.

Repeat offender Kenneth Pogue seems to have a great deal of experience with companies that fail, go defunct, lie to Attorney General, make bad legal deals, and take advantage of consumers.

In business, quite a lot of it anyways, in order to make a lucrative profit, you are taking advantage of someone, or ripping them off.  Erica Shain and Kenneth Pogue have gotten really good at that.  They have gotten really good at changing their name, adjusting their system based on how they got caught in the last scheme, setting up shop again with a new name, and starting all over.  Cute match making dating service.

Here is just one example, from just 2014, from one of two known public “schemes” that have already been shut down:

Complaint / review text:
“Natalie from the company called me to set appointment for more information. Then I met with Erica. I have found out everything Erica told me is not true. After you pay, they have someone with a special membership for first match to fulfill contract. Other profiles sent are unavailable people. They have the money. I have no matches. They are an unconcionable company that preys on vulnerable people. I have purchased Identity Theft Insurance because they have all of my personal information from required background check that they can capitalize on. This company is a scam, fraud, and total rip-off. Please save others.”



This company is Erica Shain.  Erica Shain is a liar.   How long will it take before this dating service scam stops?

Still seeing white and black signs in the Melbourne area saying  Nice .org there.   The “business” located at: 6767 North Wickham Road #400 are the owners of this website and are no longer operating a legally registered business.   Attorney General Pam Bondi has already shut down Singles Plus yet they approved Erica Shain’s new business methods as Flirt International.  Flirt International has already dissolved.   Many websites owned by Kenneth Pogue, local named aliases with “dating” and “singles”, and fictitious names are involved and continue to operate.   How are local consumers going to be protected from the Erica Shain and Kenneth Pogue dating scam?