Singles Plus

It appears that Kenneth Pogue is having a tough time operating his Dating Scam.  The domain is no longer operational the the BBB is reporting the company as OUT OF BUSINESS.   The company name is still registered with active Members:

Debra Gibas (Secretary), 3025 Ashley Phosphate Rd C 2, North Charleston, SC 29418(Physical)
Steve Busbin (Owner)
Mr Kenneth Pogue (President)
Kenneth Pogue (President)

Find more information about Singles Plus and its 10 BBB complaints in South Carolina here:

Singles Plus in Savanah, GA (Savannah Matchmakers LLC):

Singles Plus in Jacksonville, FL:

Singles Plus in Melbourne, FL:

Singles Plus Mount Pleasant SC Yelp Reviews here:

With Singles Plus business in Florida being shut down by the AG,  it was only a matter of time before the entire racket fell apart.   Unfortunately this is still a profitable scam and it appears that Kenneth Pogue is stepping behind other front men who operate newly created businesses that use the same lead generating system and illegal road side Single Sign Scam marketing tactics.   This multi-generation scam is currently operating from Florida to Maine.