Back again with another new name: Real Love Advisors. This is Erica Shain’s same scam, Douche Pouge’s same “” signup system.
Its funny to see how fast their white street signs go up, and get taken down within a few days by the community. If most of them only knew…

It’s been another year and where is the money that Attorney General Pam Bondi said was being held as part of the lawsuit against these scammers?
How come the Attorney General cannot ping a few ips, look up a few domains, and see that they are still doing the exact same business model?

What a joke….

1 thought on “At it again: Real Love Advisors

  1. To the authors/owners of the Erica Shain Dating Scam blog/web site.

    I just found your posts on Erica Shain. Sorry for not reaching out earlier. I only recently found your site.

    I am very familiar with the New England The Relationship Company owned by Mary Elissa Gouge. It is clear to me there is some sort of a connection between Mary Elissa Gouge’s company and the Florida/South Carolina companies piloted by Kenneth Pogue and Erica Shain.
    I look forward to hearing from you.

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