The purpose of this post is to publically link “Real Love” to all of the Single? Signs in Brevard County, Volusia County, Orange County, Osceola County, and Seminole County.

“Real Love” was created as a DBA to Flert International, LLC (a dissolved company).  Here is their logo:

Real Love Logo
Real Love Logo from

Now if you were to complete all of the signup steps on any of the advertised Single? Sign urls you will be presented with the Real Love and Real Love Advisors Logos.  Below each Logo are the image source urls for each site.

real love logo
real love logo

real love advisors logo
real love advisors logo


It appears that Erica Shain is getting good at obfuscating the real business names involved so that victims do not know who to file complaints with.

Flert International, LLC D/B/A “Real Love” was at the following address:

6767 N. Wickham Rd #400
Melbourne, FL

Currently the business LEGAM PROFESSIONALS, LLC is attached to that address but the current DBA is unknown.  We suspect that very soon they will be using a new alias as they have already wore out the “Real Love” one.

A quick visit to 6767 N. Wickham Rd turned up the following marquee:

real love sign
real love sign

We recently found an amazing article from 2008 that exposes a nationwide scheme to market dating services using Single? street signs with hundreds of local domains around the country:

If you are a victim of the Single? Sign Scam please file a report here:

In 2014 Florida States Attorney General Pam Bondi had more than enough information that this scam was linked to Kenneth Pogue.

Today this scam is being operated by Erica Shain as “Real Love” or “Real Love Advisors” and places the same Single? Signs around Brevard County.

The Single? Sign Scam has been operating in Brevard County during the entire time that downfall of Singles Plus played out.   In 2018 this scam is still operating in Brevard County with key contributors Louis Shain, Erica Shain, and Joseph Shain and the website lead generating 2b1system owned by Kenneth Pogue.

Back in 2014 2015 the signs were placed by Singles Plus; a business that was operated by Erica Shain and owned by Kenneth Pogue.   These two characters were also working together with Two Becomes One; a previous instance of this scam shut down in Orlando, FL area; before Kenneth Pogue created Singles Plus.  After Singles Plus was shut down Erica Shain then operated as Space Coast Dating, Space Coast Match Maker, Space Coast Singles, Real Love, Real Love Search, and most recently Real Love Advisors.   Why does Erica Shain’s business names and aliases change so often if she is operating a real business?

See this article from 06/07/2014: